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An inspection is a visual only, non-invasive inspection of the readily accessible components of the house.

Types of Home Inspection Services we offer

Pre-Purchase Inspection

You have placed an offer to purchase a property, conditional upon a home inspection. Upon completion of the inspection, you should have the knowledge to make an informed decision to purchase. Defects noted may help you in negotiating the                                        terms of your offer.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Planning on selling your current home? You may like to know of any defects which may impact the selling price. In order to better market your home, you may want to make repairs ahead of time and not be taken by surprise if the potential buyer discovers issues which may affect the outcome.

Maintenance Inspection

To keep your house systems running well, they have to be maintained. An inspection will identify problems early on so you can deal with them before they spin out of control.

Four Point Inspection

Did you know that some insurance companies request this to determine insurability?

Has your home insurance company requested an inspection of your home's ROOF, HVAC, ELECTRICAL AND PLUMBING systems? If so, we can do a four point inspection at a fraction of the cost of a regular home inspection.

WETT Inspections

A WETT inspection, which stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer, includes a thorough inspection of all wood burning appliances such as stoves and open fireplaces, by a certified WETT inspector.

Given the potential threat these technologies pose to the well-being and health of those in the home, a WETT  inspection can give you the peace of mind you need when buying or selling a home, living in a home, and can also be a requirement when securing insurance.

Level 1 Septic Inspection

Level 1 Septic System Inspections during Real Estate Transactions.  

A Level 1 Septic Inspection is an evaluation of the condition and functionality of the Septic system at the time of the Inspection.



You can order* a HomeVerified-Property History Report  

​Home Verified is a Canadian company that offers a live search on past claims and key information relating to Canadian homes

Past disasters and illegal activity can plague the future of your dream home, leaving you on the hook for major repair costs, health hazards and unsecured value.  Home Verified searches your property against millions of records in Canada to deliver the most comprehensive insurance claims data, marijuana grow-operation or clandestine drug lab records, school data, and other key information available - information that can provide an additional layer of knowledge to assist in sound decision making. What does a History Report from Home Verified provide?

  • Historical insurance claims on property

  • Grow-Op & Meth Lab Records

  • Claims Analysis for Neighbourhood

  • Local School Rankings

  • Neighbourhood Amenities

  • Local Political Representatives & Contact Details

*Property owner's consent is required prior to ordering a Home Verified Report>



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